Saturday, 30 July 2011

Made by Niki - amazing!

I hadn't even heard of Made by Niki until recently when I saw a blog article by pure chance, and now I'm in love! The designs are simply breathtaking, from the totally unique Strings collection (which yes, is made out of strings - and now stocked in Selfridges) to the Knockout collection with is the most luxurious sports-style underwear I've ever seen.

The bra above is from the Fresh Foundations range which is currently on sale, with HUGE discounts. This particular item was £65.99 and is now just £10 - I bought the navy version a couple of month's ago and have worn it so much I'm almost tempted to buy a second one so that when this one wears out from all that use I will have a replacement. It also comes in a bright, bubblegum pink (this one's going in my shopping basket right now) and a lovely silver colour. 

I love the unique detail on it - the adjustable bra-strap style fastening between the cups, the unique mix of colours... it's the kind of design that makes me wish I'd come up with it first, but I would never even have thought of it!

Stock is limited as the sale has been running for a while now though, so if you want some designer lingerie for less than you'd pay in La Senza you'd better be quick!

Click here to shop Made by Niki now.

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