Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Fabulously Kitsch range from V.I.P.A.

V.I.P.A. Greta Fabulously Kitsch bra and knickers
V.I.P.A. Greta Fabulously Kitsch bra, thong, corset and stockings

V.I.P.A. Greta Fabulously Kitsch kimono

V.I.P.A. Greta Fabulously Kitsch bra, knickers and suspenders

V.I.P.A. Greta Fabulously Kitsch bra, removable dress and stockings

How gorgeous is this retro-style lingerie range from V.I.P.A.? Normally a brand that goes for the more traditional, simplistic look, V.I.P.A. have taken a U-turn with their new Greta Fabulously Kitsch range which is a brightly coloured concoction of cute prints, unique shapes and a slightly over-the-top design. All in all, one of the most fun, flirty lingerie ranges out there right now!

Unlike many brands, V.I.P.A. have gone to the effort of creating bespoke stockings to match their designs which I love. Everywhere you go, the hosiery styles available are almost always the same, typical options you can find at any other brand so it's great to see a lingerie brand that has realised this and created something different. I love the opaque, polkadot stockings in black and white, the perfect match for the Fabulously Kitch underbust corset.

The removable dress is also very unique - it attaches to the matching bra at the same place as the extra-long suspenders (which, by the way, also attach to the back of the bra for multiple different looks) to instantly turn your bra into a cute, babydoll-style dress.

Considering stocking this range at Esty Lingerie... should I?

V.I.P.A. Greta Fabulously Kitsch bra, knickers and suspenders

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