Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mariett by Agent Provocateur - classy, sexy, perfect!

Mariett babydoll, £245
Mariett bra £65, knickers £55 and suspender £75

I've written a few blog posts now and suddenly realised, what is a lingerie blog without any mention of Agent Provocateur?!

Clearly industry leaders, this brand has been bringing us stunning, designer lingerie since 1994 and is one of the biggest names in lingerie design despite having surprisingly few stores worldwide (30, that would be).

You can always rely on Agent Provocateur to create breathtaking new lingerie designs each season and their new Mariett range is no exception. Neither are any of the other new collections, but this is my favourite! They design underwear that, done slightly differently, could just look cheap and ugly and yet they manage to make it seem beautiful through the use of top-quality fabrics and a luxurious approach to small details.

Take the Mariett babydoll for example (above) - the tulle is completely see-through but add a scalloped lace trim and some excellent-quality embroidery around the edges and what you have is a piece of almost-invisible fabric that people are willing to pay £245 for (me included, if only I had it). It's sexy but classy too, pretty much everything a woman could want from her lingerie.

Also available in the Agent Provocateur Mariett range is a thong, knickers, bra and suspender belt. Made from the same sheer fabric with floral embroidery and scalloped edging, the set is perfect for the woman who wants something grown-up yet girly!

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