Thursday, 15 December 2011

Oysho & Topshop - Black Sequinned Lingerie

Topshop and Oysho don't seem too keen on matching sets - I recently spotted this gorgeous black sequin bra in Oysho's online store for just £19.99 which is definitely unique, but the only 'matching' item available was a plain tulle brief that was, unsurprisingly, actually designed to be teamed with a different, plainer bra. Not to worry, as I have just found these stunning black sequin knickers from Topshop for £45, again with no matching bra on offer - they're pricey, but they're a perfect match

Oysho black sequinned balconette bra, £19.99
Topshop black sequin knickers, £45.00

By the way, have you noticed how similar these two companies' logos are? It's a perfect matching set ;)

If the Topshop knickers are a bit out of your price range I sell a cheaper but equally sparkly version over at Esty Lingerie - the Leg Avenue black sequin boyshorts are less than half the price at £19.99!

Leg Avenue black sequin boyshort knickers, £19.99                                           

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  1. The Topshop sequin knickers are gorgeous but I can't imagine they'd be very comfortable, and they're almost 50 quid! The Leg Avenue ones look almost identical and are so much cheaper.