Thursday, 27 December 2012

Agent Provocater Soirée Sale - Top Picks

Agent Provocateur's Soirée sale has just gone live! The most deluxe lingerie pieces by this luxurious lingerie brand, everything in Soirée is simply beautiful but if I really had to choose, this is what I'd buy...

Gardenia Bra - Was €475, Now €240

Gardenia Waspie - Was €680, Now €345
 The Gardenia set is the most classically luxurious set in the range - a matching brief and thong are also still available to wear with this beautiful waspie in the most exquisite lace you're likely to see on lingerie! Also in the range is this stunning corset, at a really massive discount...

Gardenia Corset - Was €1200, Now €315
In a totally different style but no less beautiful, the Madalyn range shows that leopard print doesn't have to be tacky! I love the unique zip detail on the bra cups especially...

Madalyn Bra - Was €395, Now €200

Madalyn Suspender - Was €395, Now €200
Last but definitely not least, I love the sheer lace trim on the Dahlia bra and suspender, with a delicate scalloped edge! Matching briefs and thong are also available.
Dahlia Bra - Was €475, Now €240

Dahlia Suspender - Was €680, Now €345
 Visit Agent Provocateur to shop the full sale.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Collection: Black Magic Lingerie

A couple of weeks ago I launched my latest collection, Black Magic at Esty Lingerie and in my Etsy store. Here are some of my favourite pieces...

And a handful of close-up detail shots...

Black Magic is available to buy here - prices from £4.99 to £29.99.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Raising Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

I haven't been posting much recently which is mainly because I have been super busy working on all sorts of projects - here's one of them! A few months back I was approached by Cancer Recovery to front a campaign for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.

Of course I jumped at the chance to do something that involved both gorgeous lingerie and raising money for a great cause (breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the UK) so I gathered up a team of six designers, plus myself, and we all got to work creating some gorgeous and one-off lingerie items to auction off for the charity.

Love Me Sugar donated two gorgeous eye masks to the cause. If you've never bought a Love Me Sugar eye mask, believe me when I say these are amazing quality, being handmade by 'Mademoiselle Sugar' herself in her Paris studio.

Petits Secrets by CB donated a collection of four gorgeous and one-off lingerie items - two knickers and two eye masks - all of which are handmade in the UK using up-cycled fabrics, so the lingerie is both ethically-made and eco-friendly. What could be better than that?!

Jennifer Pierre sent in two gorgeous 'Seabreeze' bras, both hand-signed by Miss Pierre herself, plus a pair of sexy, sheer black knickers.

Louise Ferdinand came up with a gorgeous one-off bra and knickers set in white satin, trimmed with hot pink ribbons. The brand's lingerie is all hand-made in the UK and goes up to a J cup.

Flirty Thirtys donated a really beautiful crepe-de-chine nightwear set, trimmed with original vintage Nottingham lace and a crystal heart. This brand was also handmade in the UK, although unfortunately they are no longer trading so this creation was probably the last Flirty Thirtys set ever to be bought!

Lilly Wiggler Couture donated an absolutely stunning and very on-trend bondage-inspired harness bra and knickers set, again handmade in the UK. This was my personal favourite in the auction although unfortunately not my size!

And finally Esty Lingerie (i.e. me) created a lovely beaded corset and a white lace bra and knickers set for the auction too.

Check out some of the gorgeous pictures from the photo shoot below!

I'd like to thank these people for helping out with this project - I couldn't have done it without all of them!

Lilly Wiggler Couture
Louise Ferdinand Lingerie
Jennifer Pierre
Petits Secrets by CB
Flirty Thirtys
Love Me Sugar
Josie Pyke
Mikayla Bayliss
Lydia Allen
Hair & Makeup:
Amanda White
Derek Bown

Sunday, 18 November 2012

An Incredible, Luxury Shapewear Set by Simona Barbieri

I simply had to share this beautiful lingerie set that I spotted in a newsletter from Dolci Follie today - made by Simona Barbieri, this luxury lingerie set is the prettiest shapewear I've seen yet! I love the blush pink colour with a contrasting black heart on the front of the knickers - a kitsch alternative to all of the plain, high-waisted knickers there are out there right now.

Simona Barbieri bra £79, and knickers
There are standard, low-rise knickers available too if these high-waisted ones aren't your thing, but I think they're gorgeous!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

6 Alternatives to the Marlies Dekker bra

Marlies Dekkers do a massive range of (very beautiful) lingerie, but it's their signature chest-strap bra that instantly springs to mind when I think of their brand.

Dame de Paris bra by Marlies Dekkers, approx. £62.84

Since bondage style lingerie is everywhere right now, it's no wonder that everyone from independent designers to big brands are creating their own take on the theme - and with all those straps being added to lingerie designs some very cool, very similar bras have started to appear.

Some are more alike than others, but if you love that chest-strap detail then check out these other great Marlies Dekkers style bras below...

Quilted bra by Topshop, £25   
Push-up bra by H&M, £12.99
Strappy plunge bra by Cacique, approx. £37.09
Gia bra by Bordelle, £105 +VAT
Ellen body harness by Hopeless Lingerie, approx. £37.34
Dupion silk bra by Shahnaz Bodywear, £94

Found any more Marlies Dekkers lookalikes? Please let me know in the comments section!

3 Great Maternity Lingerie Sets at Topshop

Maternity lingerie tends to be very overpriced and relatively boring, but if you're on the lookout for something a bit cheaper and far more attractive, check out these 3 bra and knicker sets from Topshop.

They're not actually designed to be maternity lingerie so you won't be paying over the odds, but all three are underwire-free for absolute comfort and offer plenty of support.

The only downside? They're not actually nursing bras so won't be much help if you're breastfeeding, but it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to sew a clasp at the top of either cup to detach it from the strap.

Plus, you can go on wearing these bras long after the baby's born - and being as gorgeous as this, you'll definitely be wanting to wear them!

Topshop Oxblood bra, £16 and knickers, £8
Topshop Nautical bra, £18 and knickers, £10
Topshop Mint lace bra, £16 and knickers, £8

Friday, 21 September 2012

Ann Summers Lingerie - New In

It's been (quite!) a while since I posted anything on this blog, mostly due to being crazy busy working on Esty Lingerie including creating a new lingerie blog, adding some amazing new brands, creating a set for Romy's latest music video, sewing my next collection and working on an exciting project with Cancer Recovery - more on that one coming in a day or two!

I have a million things I've been dying to write about however and it seems so many gorgeous new pieces and even new brands have come out (or at least, I've discovered them) in the past couple of months, so I'll do my best to get them all on here over the coming weeks!

For starters, I thought I'd share some of my favourite new lingerie from Ann Summers, who keep pleasantly surprising me with their not-tacky designs (they've come a long way since a couple of years back it seems!)...

Ann Summers Halle Babydoll - £40
This one's available in black too, but the nude is my favourite - I simply adore the flouncy trim and the detail on the back is amazing, so simple yet eye-catching!

Elouise Cream Suspender Skirt £30, Bra £28 and Thong £12
 I'm a big fan of slim-fitting suspender skirts and this one is gorgeous - I love the longline bra too! It's much classier than something you'd normally expect to see at Ann Summers.

Ann Summers Fantine Corset £55
It's pretty expensive for what it is (the bones are plastic I assume), but there is something about this corset that makes me like it anyway. I adore the fabric-covered buttons down the front, not something I can remember seeing on a corset before!

Ann Summers Ruby Basque £55
Ann Summers have expanded their Ruby range with those gorgeous basque that I believe comes with detachable suspender clips too. Unfortunately it's not available in DD+ but if it were I'd probably buy it!

Visit Ann Summers now

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Guest Post: Signs That You Might Be Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Image Source

Apparently, eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size – which means there’s quite a high chance you could be one of them. For lots of us, they’re a practical item you’ve got to wear, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for any old thing, regardless of whether it actually fits you.

There are some key signs to look out for that’ll tell you if the bra you’re wearing isn’t right for your shape. Obviously it’s going to feel pretty uncomfortable, but it could also be affecting your health and body.

While many of you won’t know how to properly measure yourself to find out what you should be wearing, lots of women don’t bother getting new bras when their bodies change (like after having a baby or losing weight). This means you’re wearing something that no longer fits and is probably doing more harm than good.

I don’t mean to scare you, but there are a few health issues you need to be aware of here. Wearing the wrong bra can cause you pain and especially if you’ve got big boobs, it might put strain on your back. The idea of a bra is to support you – so make sure it does!

You’ll also notice it might ride up and not sit properly under your breasts if it’s not fitted correctly, plus it could make your boobs seem lumpy and like they’re the wrong shape underneath your top – the last thing anyone needs! If you’re spending money on a gorgeous new outfit, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your bra makes you look like you’ve got four boobs. This is a pretty obvious sign your bra is too small.

In more extreme cases, an ill-fitting bra can start to irritate your skin and if there isn’t enough support, your breasts will move around too much and you might even get stretch marks.

Another really clear way of telling if your bra’s too big of small is how comfortable it feels. If you’re wriggling around and feel like you need to keep pulling it down all the time or adjusting the straps, it obviously doesn’t fit you fit. If a bra fits properly you shouldn’t even notice you’re wearing it and it should appear seamless under your top.

Loads of lingerie shops offer free bra fittings so take advantage of them! The sales assistants are there to help and will be trained on how to take your measurements and ensure you’re wearing the right bra.

Guest post by Janine Brahm.

Janine Brahm is a fashion enthusiast and freelance blogger who loves looking for new trends, like womens blazers  or cheap bodycon dresses.

It's All Monochrome at Ann Summers

The massive Ann Summers sale has officially ended (although you can still shop it on their website) and you know what that means - time for a new collection!

There are a few new lines in store and online already, and I see a definite monochrome trend emerging here...

Ann Summers Boudoir Belle Apron, £40
Ann Summers Boudoir Belle Bra £30 and Thong £14
Ann Summers Tamara Black Teddy £25
Ann Summers Antoinette Bra £28 and Suspender Brief £16
Ann Summers Ivory Starlet Underwired Bra £26 and Suspender Brief £14
Ann Summers Gabrielle Bra £30 and Tie-Side Brief £16
Technically that last one is a pale mint green version of their beautiful white Gabrielle bra set from last season (my favourite Ann Summers piece ever!) but it just about fit with the monochrome theme of this post.

The best thing about all these styles is that they've just launched so they're fully stocked right now, no trawling through the sales trying to find something in your size! Head to Ann Summers where you can get all of these and more of their new range now...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

3 Great Nightwear Picks at Boux Avenue

There are a lot of things I love about Boux Avenue, and one of them is their nightwear! They have something for every taste (babydolls, chemises, cute PJs...) as well as being one of the only brands to make long nightdresses appealing to women in their 20's (as opposed to being something your nan wears).

I don't really wear nightwear, but these three are so cute I'm considering buying them anyway...

Boux Avenue Rebel Bow Print Playsuit, £22
I'm a sucker for anything with bows or lace on it, so this adorable playsuit instantly caught my eye! It's sweet, girly and best of all super cheap too!

Boux Avenue Abigail Jumpsuit, £32
This gorgeous leopard print jumpsuit just looks wonderfully soft and comfy! It's a little hot to sleep in something with long legs in summer, but it would be perfect for lounging around the house in on a lazy Sunday morning and come winter, I'd be wearing this every night!

Boux Avenue Tillie French Maid Babydoll Set, £35
In true 'French maid' style this gorgeous babydoll has opaque black cups trimmed with white lace, but it's the unusual detail at the back that I really love! It comes with matching knickers in sheer chiffon and with two lace ruffles across the bum.

Find these and more nightwear styles at Boux Avenue.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

New In At Boux Avenue This Week

The Boux Avenue sale is still going strong but if you can find anything you like, they've just added some gorgeous new styles to their range this week! Here are my top three picks...

Boux Avenue Jamilia Bra £26 and Brief £16
This was the first one that caught my eye in their newsletter (yay, suspenders by Boux Avenue, for once!) but annoyingly it seems every time they bring something out that I love it doesn't go past a D or DD. Still, it's so gorgeous I'm considering buying it a size too small anyway - worth the discomfort!

The bra is gorgeous close up, with fine chevron pinstripes, a cute lace trim and a bow and a button at the centre - my two favourite things on a bra!

Boux Avenue Penelope Spot Bra £28 and Thong £12

I love this bra! It looks grey from a distance but close-up you can see it's actually a nude bra overlaid with sheer black mesh with a cute polkadot design. It has a ruched tulle trim across the top, three cute little bows and this time it's available from an A to a F cup.

Boux Avenue Cutesy Spot Babydoll & Thong Set £40
Last but not least, this babydoll is really cute - as the name suggests! It looks very like something you could have bought in La Senza last year, but with the addition of unusual ruffled shoulders. It's available up to a 'D+', whatever that means - if you're more than a DD cup size it's probably a good idea to go try this one on in store!

You can get all of these gorgeous sets and more over at Boux Avenue!