Tuesday, 10 January 2012

La Senza goes into administration - Alshaya takes over 60 stores

 I spent a long Christmas in Barcelona visiting my boyfriend's family and didn't have much chance to keep my blog up to date, but as soon as I heard this piece of terrible news I had to share it - La Senza has gone into administration and has been bought out by international retail franchise operator Alshaya, who will be taking over 60 of it's UK stores. Of the 146 stores that La Senza had in the UK, a massive 81 stores will be closing or have already closed and, very annoyingly, this does include the two that are near me!

I've always been a massive fan of La Senza - in fact it's my favourite lingerie store on the high-street - and had no idea that such a well-known and popular company was doing so badly financially. With the exception of a handful of pieces in Ann Summers and maybe the odd set or two in Marks and Spencer, it is the only place on the high-street to make pretty bras in my size. Non-lingerie specialists such as Topshop do sell gorgeous underwear, but never above a D-cup so I have always struggled to find attractive designs that fit me, with the exception of La Senza of course (even they didn't make all of their styles in DD+ but they did for around three quarters of them). Of course, beautiful DD+ lingerie is easy to find if you have unlimited funds (think Agent Provocateur, Myla etc....) but one of the best things about La Senza was that their prices were always so, well, affordable.

So, what's planned for the few stores that are staying open? Well, if you're lucky enough to live by a La Senza store that hasn't closed down yet you'll find huge discounts of up to 70% off in their clearance sale - there was also a massive online sale until recently but the website is currently closed for 'maintenance' - as Alshaya will be introducing new collections as well as new store designs. I can only hope that when La Senza re-opens officially they'll stay true to the original La Senza brand and continue to sell pretty bras in non-standard sizes, and not raise their prices.

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