Monday, 27 February 2012

UK Chocolate Photoshoot - Lingerie Now Available to Buy!

I recently wrote about the lovely red corset I'd made for UK Chocolate Magazine - I've now received the images back from the photoshoot for this corset and also for a white lace babydoll I made for them too.

These two designs are now available to buy on the website, and they're both unique, one-off creations so if you'd like to own either of them make sure you get it before someone else does. (The white lace babydoll set comes with a brand new white lace thong by the way, this thong wasn't used for the photoshoot so has never been worn!)

The pictures were taken for the March edition of the magazine which launches very soon.

Buy the corset
Buy the babydoll

1 comment:

  1. Lovely corset- really suits the model!UK Chocolate is a popular publication, well done for the exposure.

    Well made designer lingerie and luxury lingerie
    is always hard to find!