Saturday, 3 March 2012

Agent Provocateur vs Leg Avenue - The Bodystocking Debate

Agent Provocateur Mercy Body, £245
Leg Avenue Bow Lace Bodystocking, £8.99

I was just browsing the Agent Provocateur website and saw they've launched a body stocking, something quite unusual for them - I don't remember seeing one on the site before, anyway.


I'll admit, the Mercy Body by Agent Provocateur is absolutely gorgeous, made from a beautiful, 
expensive-looking lace with a built-in boned waspie for a tiny waist and with a matching thong available. However, I'm left wondering if it's really worth the £245 price tag...

Over at Esty Lingerie, I sell a gorgeous Leg Avenue bodystocking made from black lace, that has a similar suspender style. It's not the same, but it sure is similar. Of course (of course) the Agent Provocateur bodystocking is going to be higher quality, but what I am not sure is about is whether it is £236 worth of extra quality - the bodystocking by Leg Avenue is only £8.99 at Esty Lingerie after all!

I think that if you are going to splash out well over £200 on some luxury lingerie, you're far better off spending it on a really expensive looking basque or corset - no matter how well-made it is, lace always gets small catches and pulls after a number of wears and won't stay looking perfect for very long, whereas a well-cared for corset can last for years, decades even.

For those body stocking addicts who have money to burn, then the Agent Provocateur Mercy bodystocking is most likely the prettiest, sexiest one you will ever buy. For everyone else though, stick with the cheaper Leg Avenue version - you can even buy five different designs to have a bit of variety, and probably won't have spent more than £50!


  1. thanks for this comparison, it's nice to know there are similar designs at there for a fraction of the cost. However I have to admit sometimes it is definitely worth splashing out on the designer underwear!

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