Sunday, 4 March 2012

'Unusual' lingerie at Ann Summers, part two!

A few months back I wrote a post about the weird and wonderful lingerie on sale at Ann Summers which turned out to be my second most-read blog post of all time, so here is an equally strange, bizarre and totally wacky Part Two...

Ann Summers Anima chemise, £20
Topping the list for crazy lingerie has got to be this Anima 'chemise' - not that it resembles any chemise I've ever seen before! Ann Summers describes it as 'absolutely unique', I describe it as 'absolutely insane'. Has anyone actually bought this I wonder?

Ann Summers Black Swan Chemise Dress, now £40 (was £50)
Part of their Black Swan collection (inspired by the recent film perhaps?) this rather odd little lace babydoll is trimmed with feathers and is, in my opinion, just a little bit over the top. I like the idea of simple lace with a feather trim, but random patches of feathers over my boobs? No thanks...

Ann Summers Ego body, £25
Not one for the fainthearted, this feathery concoction is definitely unique! It's probably best worn alone and not under any tight-fitting clothes though...

Ann Summers Robyn chemise, £22
I've been toying with the idea of designed a corset with a babydoll over the top for some time now, so it's nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks lingerie could do with some layering. This chemise is quite cute - the only think that puts me off is the name, Robyn, which makes me think of Batman and Robin and turns that cute chiffon layer into a cartoon-style cape in my mind!

Ann Summers Naomi cupless bra, £18 and crotchless brief, £16
It's not everyday you see the words 'high waisted brief' and 'crotchless' used together, but this Naomi lingerie set somehow combines the two and it doesn't look as weird as I might have imagined. It's weird - a cupless bra and crotchess brief bring to mind a much sexier look, but the baby pink colour and big rose corsages make this set altogether more girly and cute!

Ann Summers Mariah bra and thong set, £18
More along the lines of your traditional peep-hole bra and crotchless thong, this Mariah set by Ann Summers is still very unique with it's unusual, sequined butterfly design!

What do you think, is any of this wearable? Or only good for the picture...


  1. What wild and interesting pieces! I am not brave enough to try them but it is great that people are making them. They looks so exciting.

  2. Yes they are slightly a bit too eccentric for my taste, however I do like the last piece, the 'Mariah' set I think it's really pretty! Similar actually to the set of designer lingerie I bought the other week.