Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: Boux Avenue in Bath

Ever since I heard about Boux Avenue I've been dying to visit one of their stores to see if they could really match up to my beloved La Senza, so when they recently opened a store in Bath (where La Senza used to be) I knew I had to go!

Image: Lingerie Insight
The store is laid out in the typical Boux way, with cute vintage-style furniture and plenty of drawers full of extra sizes, so the store looked nice and neat but you could still always find your size - no more asking the shop assistant to run upstairs and check the stock room!

The best bit of all though had to be the changing rooms. Each of the individually named 'suites' has gorgeous decor with lamps, decorative hooks and a door that actually closes completely, not a flimsy curtain - definitely not your typical high street changing rooms!

My favourite thing about them though wasn't the cute decor or the privacy, but the adjustable lighting buttons that were on the wall - check them out below! You could see what each set looked like in the daytime, at nighttime and even at 'dusk' too.

Oh, and did I mention the mini intercom that let you speak to your 'concierge' to ask for another size, without having to pop your head round the door wearing just your underwear. Now why didn't other lingerie shops think of this before?

So the changing rooms were perfect, but how was the lingerie? I've never bought anything from Boux Avenue before but I have checked out their website and to be honest, I was kind of disappointed. 

As a whole, the brand is much like La Senza (in style and price) but without their 'Pure Luxury' collection which was pretty much the only part I bought from. I went with my sister and she thought the same as me, that the lingerie was all a bit plain, there was nothing really exciting that stood out. Even the best bits from the website were nowhere to be seen in store.

Verdict: I couldn't fault the shop - it's a gorgeous store with really helpful shop assistants that makes for a great shopping experience, but unfortunately the products themselves weren't up to the same standard. I love that they have such a range of sizes though (way more than La Senza ever did) so if they're a bit more adventurous with their next collection I could definitely see myself shopping here every time I take a trip to Bath!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Esty Lingerie 2012 International Lingerie Design Competition - Best Entries

This year's International Lingerie Design Competition has drawn to a close at Esty Lingerie and I'm so impressed with all the amazing designs that have been sent in - more than four times as many as last year's competition got!

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one winner out of all the beautiful, summer-inspired designs, but it had to be done. Below are my 26 favourite entries (in no particular order) of which one has already been chosen as the lucky winner but you won't find out which until tomorrow...













Kate H

Kate S











Which one sums up summer for you?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Top 5 Lingerie Sets at Myla

Yesterday I blogged about my favourite sets over at Agent Provocateur, now it's only my second favourite lingerie brand, Myla!

It was super difficult narrowing it down to just five sets, but I managed in the end...

Myla Rita bra £89, bondage knicker £69 and waspie suspender belt £79
I blogged about the Rita set by Myla a while back and yes, it's still top of my lust list! I love all the straps and the barely-there flesh toned lace. If you like the style but think all those straps are a bit much there's a plainer brief available and a relatively plain ouvert thong too, plus a simple camisole for stylish sleeping.

Myla Verna 1/4 cup bra was £120 now £60 and bow back knickers was £85 now £24
Myla Verna high waisted knickers was £100 now £50
How cute is this 1/4 cup bra with a bikini style halter tie? The bow-back knickers are pretty, but I prefer these high waisted ones!

Myla Jean playsuit £185 and eye mask £89
Quite possibly the coolest thing in the shop right now, I love this playsuit (if it can really be called that). Unique design? Tick. Lots of lace? Tick. White pearl buttons? Tick! Oh, and the knicker part is detachable if you want to wear them alone too.

Myla Rosetta bra was £150 now £75 and brief was £95 now £47
This is the perfect lightweight lingerie to wear under those summer dresses! Sheer bras with heart-shaped 'pasties' are everywhere, but I still love them.

Myla Marlene demi bra was £99 now £49, thong was £49 now £24, suspender belt was £49 now £24 and cuffs £59
Gorgeous red and black combination and I love the fact it comes with matching cuffs - beautiful!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Luxury Bra Sets at Agent Provocateur

I don't think Agent Provocateur could possibly bring out one item I wouldn't love! Actually, that's a lie - I think the Shandy set is just weird but it's the only exception.

So what better way to spend a Thursday evening than to compile my a list of my current favourite bra sets by the brand. Here are my top 7, one for every day of the week...

Agent Provocateur Bubbles bra £95, brief £125 and suspender belt £100
Yep, I've mentioned the Bubbles bra set before but couldn't resist putting it first of my list, it's so unique!

Agent Provocateur Katherina bra £90, brief £75 and suspender belt £90
Absolutely gutted they don't make this one in my size! I love that Agent Provocateur are always thinking up designs that are completely innovative, such as this suspender belt with faux stocking tops.

Agent Provocateur Mariett bra £65, brief £55 and suspender belt £75
Another ones I've blogged about before - the Mariett range by Agent Provocateur is just so feminine and beautiful!

Agent Provocateur Lucienne bra £75, thong £40 and suspender belt £75
Another sheer one, and annoyingly another one that doesn't come in my size. I love the barely-there section at the top of the suspender and, well, there aren't many things I like more than cream lace and bows! Plus years ago I had an obsession with buttons and this sets adorned with cute, stamped AP ones - gorgeous!

Agent Provocateur Raphaella bra £125, thong £95 and suspender belt £145
Not available in my size (again!) but I still love the attention to detail that you get when you buy from Agent Provocateur and this set is a great example - the metal trim around the underside of the cups and the off-centre bows are stunning.

Agent Provocateur Sidonie bra £95, brief £85 and suspender belt £85
You really have to see the fabric on this one close up, it's beautiful. I love the super-wide suspender straps too, and the cut-out detail on the knickers.

Agent Provocateur Lorna bra £85, brief £50 and suspender belt £70
This colour is perfect for summer! I adore the super-sized scalloped edging too. If you're not into bright lingerie, it's also available in a classic black.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Black & Gold Corset

Last last year I blogged about a gorgeous black and gold corset I'd been working on, a one-off piece for a photo shoot styled by the talented Abigail Ayoola of Twynke Loves.

I was thinking about the corset recently, and decided I loved it so much I was going to do a whole black and gold collection!

So it was a lovely coincidence that the day after I went out to buy some pretty fabrics and trims, the images from the shoot were finally released. I love how the corset looks with the black and gold cardigan...

Photographer: Abi Oshodi
Stylist: Abigail Ayoola
Make Up: Flora Losilo
Model: Abby Munro
You can now buy this one-off black and gold corset at Esty Lingerie! It comes with a matching brief too.

Can't wait to get to work on the new collection...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lovely in Lime at Fleur of England

These stunning photos popped up on Facebook news feed at lunchtime today and I just had to share them - they're amazing! I love the zingy, citrus green - bright enough to look amazing, not so bright it's tacky.

Fleur of England silk balcony bra £79, brief £45 and suspender belt £39 - buy here

Fleur of England racer back babydoll £120 and thong £35 - buy here

Fleur of England lace bra £75 and high waisted brief £49 - buy here
They're beautiful, but if brights aren't your thing I thought this gorgeous sparkling silver set was more than worth a mention too - I love the look of the small black trims teamed with black stockings. This set's definitely on my wish list!

Fleur of England All That Glitters lace bra £172, thong £75.50 and suspender belt £116 - buy here
Which set is your favourite?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Triumph Inspiration Award - The Best Entries

Triumph have run some pretty fantastic competitions over the years, although annoyingly they're only ever open to university students currently enrolled in a fashion design course, but the general public can still get involved in the voting.

The UK finals of this year's Triumph Inspiration Award have already taken place, but you can still check out the gorgeous designs on the Triumph website!

Set up with the aim of getting students being more creative and giving them a chance to show off their talent in front of a worldwide audience, the theme this year is Dragons & Butterflies so expect lots of gorgeous oriental-themed designs to pore over!

After many years in the running, Triumph's global competitions have seen many amazing entries and it's just a shame only the finalists get to see their creations brought to life. Here are some of my favourite entries throughout the years that I wish I could buy (even if half of them are totally impractical)!

Hiroko Kanekawa, Japan Finalist 2012
Liu Pak Yiu, Hong Kong Finalist 2011
Cristina Valls, UK Semi-Finalist 2006
Pedro Jorge, Portgual Finalist 2011
Evelina Gelina, Bulgaria Finalist 2011
Boglárka Bódis, Hungary Finalist & World Winner 2011
Natalia Vergara Munoz, Italy Finalist 2011
Midori Matsu, Japan Finalist & World Winner 2008
Roció Vergerio, Argentina Finalist 2012
Aleksandra Skurtys, Poland Finalist 2012
Maria Martimo, France Finalist 2012
Amber Humphrey, UK Finalist 2012
Annaliese Pugh, UK Finalist 2012
Sian Whitefoot, UK Finalist 2012

Which one is your favourite?

If you missed out on a chance to enter this year's Triumph Inspiration Award, or aren't a fashion design student, there are still 10 days left to enter the Esty Lingerie 2012 International Lingerie Design Competition for the chance to see your design produced and sold, plus £100 of lingerie gift vouchers!