Thursday, 14 June 2012

Luxury Bra Sets at Agent Provocateur

I don't think Agent Provocateur could possibly bring out one item I wouldn't love! Actually, that's a lie - I think the Shandy set is just weird but it's the only exception.

So what better way to spend a Thursday evening than to compile my a list of my current favourite bra sets by the brand. Here are my top 7, one for every day of the week...

Agent Provocateur Bubbles bra £95, brief £125 and suspender belt £100
Yep, I've mentioned the Bubbles bra set before but couldn't resist putting it first of my list, it's so unique!

Agent Provocateur Katherina bra £90, brief £75 and suspender belt £90
Absolutely gutted they don't make this one in my size! I love that Agent Provocateur are always thinking up designs that are completely innovative, such as this suspender belt with faux stocking tops.

Agent Provocateur Mariett bra £65, brief £55 and suspender belt £75
Another ones I've blogged about before - the Mariett range by Agent Provocateur is just so feminine and beautiful!

Agent Provocateur Lucienne bra £75, thong £40 and suspender belt £75
Another sheer one, and annoyingly another one that doesn't come in my size. I love the barely-there section at the top of the suspender and, well, there aren't many things I like more than cream lace and bows! Plus years ago I had an obsession with buttons and this sets adorned with cute, stamped AP ones - gorgeous!

Agent Provocateur Raphaella bra £125, thong £95 and suspender belt £145
Not available in my size (again!) but I still love the attention to detail that you get when you buy from Agent Provocateur and this set is a great example - the metal trim around the underside of the cups and the off-centre bows are stunning.

Agent Provocateur Sidonie bra £95, brief £85 and suspender belt £85
You really have to see the fabric on this one close up, it's beautiful. I love the super-wide suspender straps too, and the cut-out detail on the knickers.

Agent Provocateur Lorna bra £85, brief £50 and suspender belt £70
This colour is perfect for summer! I adore the super-sized scalloped edging too. If you're not into bright lingerie, it's also available in a classic black.

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