Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: Boux Avenue in Bath

Ever since I heard about Boux Avenue I've been dying to visit one of their stores to see if they could really match up to my beloved La Senza, so when they recently opened a store in Bath (where La Senza used to be) I knew I had to go!

Image: Lingerie Insight
The store is laid out in the typical Boux way, with cute vintage-style furniture and plenty of drawers full of extra sizes, so the store looked nice and neat but you could still always find your size - no more asking the shop assistant to run upstairs and check the stock room!

The best bit of all though had to be the changing rooms. Each of the individually named 'suites' has gorgeous decor with lamps, decorative hooks and a door that actually closes completely, not a flimsy curtain - definitely not your typical high street changing rooms!

My favourite thing about them though wasn't the cute decor or the privacy, but the adjustable lighting buttons that were on the wall - check them out below! You could see what each set looked like in the daytime, at nighttime and even at 'dusk' too.

Oh, and did I mention the mini intercom that let you speak to your 'concierge' to ask for another size, without having to pop your head round the door wearing just your underwear. Now why didn't other lingerie shops think of this before?

So the changing rooms were perfect, but how was the lingerie? I've never bought anything from Boux Avenue before but I have checked out their website and to be honest, I was kind of disappointed. 

As a whole, the brand is much like La Senza (in style and price) but without their 'Pure Luxury' collection which was pretty much the only part I bought from. I went with my sister and she thought the same as me, that the lingerie was all a bit plain, there was nothing really exciting that stood out. Even the best bits from the website were nowhere to be seen in store.

Verdict: I couldn't fault the shop - it's a gorgeous store with really helpful shop assistants that makes for a great shopping experience, but unfortunately the products themselves weren't up to the same standard. I love that they have such a range of sizes though (way more than La Senza ever did) so if they're a bit more adventurous with their next collection I could definitely see myself shopping here every time I take a trip to Bath!

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