Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Triumph Inspiration Award - The Best Entries

Triumph have run some pretty fantastic competitions over the years, although annoyingly they're only ever open to university students currently enrolled in a fashion design course, but the general public can still get involved in the voting.

The UK finals of this year's Triumph Inspiration Award have already taken place, but you can still check out the gorgeous designs on the Triumph website!

Set up with the aim of getting students being more creative and giving them a chance to show off their talent in front of a worldwide audience, the theme this year is Dragons & Butterflies so expect lots of gorgeous oriental-themed designs to pore over!

After many years in the running, Triumph's global competitions have seen many amazing entries and it's just a shame only the finalists get to see their creations brought to life. Here are some of my favourite entries throughout the years that I wish I could buy (even if half of them are totally impractical)!

Hiroko Kanekawa, Japan Finalist 2012
Liu Pak Yiu, Hong Kong Finalist 2011
Cristina Valls, UK Semi-Finalist 2006
Pedro Jorge, Portgual Finalist 2011
Evelina Gelina, Bulgaria Finalist 2011
Boglárka Bódis, Hungary Finalist & World Winner 2011
Natalia Vergara Munoz, Italy Finalist 2011
Midori Matsu, Japan Finalist & World Winner 2008
Roció Vergerio, Argentina Finalist 2012
Aleksandra Skurtys, Poland Finalist 2012
Maria Martimo, France Finalist 2012
Amber Humphrey, UK Finalist 2012
Annaliese Pugh, UK Finalist 2012
Sian Whitefoot, UK Finalist 2012

Which one is your favourite?

If you missed out on a chance to enter this year's Triumph Inspiration Award, or aren't a fashion design student, there are still 10 days left to enter the Esty Lingerie 2012 International Lingerie Design Competition for the chance to see your design produced and sold, plus £100 of lingerie gift vouchers!

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