Sunday, 14 October 2012

3 Great Maternity Lingerie Sets at Topshop

Maternity lingerie tends to be very overpriced and relatively boring, but if you're on the lookout for something a bit cheaper and far more attractive, check out these 3 bra and knicker sets from Topshop.

They're not actually designed to be maternity lingerie so you won't be paying over the odds, but all three are underwire-free for absolute comfort and offer plenty of support.

The only downside? They're not actually nursing bras so won't be much help if you're breastfeeding, but it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to sew a clasp at the top of either cup to detach it from the strap.

Plus, you can go on wearing these bras long after the baby's born - and being as gorgeous as this, you'll definitely be wanting to wear them!

Topshop Oxblood bra, £16 and knickers, £8
Topshop Nautical bra, £18 and knickers, £10
Topshop Mint lace bra, £16 and knickers, £8

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